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What Is Hi-Def Foundation ?

Celebrity makeup artist have used Hi-Def foundation for years to paint the faces of their most famous clients to help them appear naturally flawless for the lens. With all the harsh lights Hi-Def cameras magnify large pores, wrinkles, imperfections as well as heavy makeup, but HD foundation is camera friendly and gives skin a flawless more natural appearance.

We all know that in today’s world celebrities aren’t the only ones exposed to Hi-Def cameras. Our smart phones have turned us all into amateur celebs in our own right. Every day we are snapping selfies to show off on Instagram and Facebook. Social media filters have come to our rescue to smooth out imperfections and blot out blemishes!

We all know that in the real world we can’t walk around in an IG filter but we can use foundation that helps us look flawless without looking cakey and over-done. The secret to Hi- Def foundation is that it’s made with light scattering ingredients that gives the illusion of a more even skin tone and smoother texture without appearing cakey on the skin.

Before I discovered Hi-Def foundation I can remember the agony and embarrassment of looking like I was wearing a mask. Trying to hide what I perceived to be flaws but instead making it worse with heavy, cakey, unnatural looking foundation.

 Let’s be honest our face is the first thing people see when they look at us. The last thing we want to hear is, “Oh what foundation are you wearing?” These days I am happy to say, I absolutely L-O-V-E when someone says to me, “Wow! Your skin looks amazing! Are you wearing foundation?”

Now, of course, I know some people may prefer the look of a heavy makeup, but for those of us who want to keep them guessing, I recommend tying out our High Performance, Hi-Definition foundation that instantly smooths out imperfections, floats over lines and wrinkles, hydrates without feeling greasy, plumps skin, and gives a naturally beautiful finish. Finally a full coverage makeup without looking overdone!

With L-O-V-E,


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